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Studies on ultraviolet air purification:

Penn State Sanuvox UV Object Cleaner testing
The testing showed "significant" reduction in TCP and yeast and mold count in air samples of the raw material storage and handling areas. Within 3-6 hours of operationTCP and yeast and mold counts dropped ...
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McGill University 2 Year Double Blind Study published in The Lancet
The researcher team chose to test a cross-section of contaminants, they chose a bacterial spore (surrogate for anthrax spore) and the Sanuvox UV Bio-Wall 50” achieved a 93% destruction on one pass, ...
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Montreal Chest Institute - Montreal
The Capistrano Unified School District reduces Indoor Air contaminants by 66% using Sanuvox Ultraviolet Air Purifier.
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Pure Air Control Services - Florida
Mold within the medical facility to be 1 to 3 orders of magnitude lower (10 times to 1000 times).
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